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Jon Snow and the Ladies of Westeros pt 3-Lysa Arryn/Tully | SiteRip Site №1

Jon Snow and the Ladies of Westeros pt 3-Lysa Arryn/Tully

Jon Snow and the Ladies of Westeros pt 3-Lysa Arryn/Tully

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Jon n snow takes the vale Mistress

Catelyn Stark murmured as she sat close to the chimney of her rooms. She used to impart a space to Ned however needed to leave as her significant other’s wellbeing kept on weakening. Maester Luwin had informed this as the best course with respect to activity. She had been fortunate to get Ned to bed her before they had separated. Presently she could guarantee that Jon’s beneficiaries developing in her womb were Ned’s.

She really wanted to rub her now marginally swollen womb in fondness for the youthful developing inside her. Catelyn really wanted to wonder about how virile Jon’s seed was and how rapidly it had flourished and animated her womb. His young developed apparently quickly, as though anxious to be allowed to see the world soon. Her new wolf pups would be brimming with vitality, it appeared.

She had long yielded to Jon and now went to his bed enthusiastically and cheerfully as he had her administration his chicken with her mouth and pussy relatively consistently. It generally finished with her stripped and sweat-soaked body laying on his bed, on her back with her legs spread or behind her ears, her pussy loaded with his thick white cum as she sucked and cleaned his rooster, utilizing her blazing hair to dry his masculinity of her spit and his seed.

He treated Sansa like a ruler, his own woman spouse. Catelyn, then again, was utilized like his own prostitute and reproducing production line. She had almost certainly that on the off chance that he requested her to spruce up like a typical house of ill-repute prostitute and administration the Men, dogs and Steeds of winterfell for cash like canal trash,she would have done as such. She had experienced passionate feelings for his cockerel and she knew it. What’s more, this wouldn’t be the last time he sired his mongrels on her, this she knew.

Sansa had taken to requesting Catelyn about in private. Her own mom! What’s more, surprisingly, Catelyn complied.

"Consider it installment. Those are my kids you’re conveying. The seed that revived that womb of yours ready with posterity should be mine. I should convey my master spouse Jon’s beneficiaries at this point." Sansa had said.

It was just too awful that Jon had taken a message to the vale and was kept there by an awful snowstorm. What’s more, the damn imperial gathering from lords landing had been postponed again. What was keeping those illustrious pricks? Winterfell had been prepared months prior.


Lysa Arryn was the most capable woman in the vale now. As head of house Arryn in her late spouse’s stead and mom of his (debilitated) youngster Robert, she was currently true leader of the vale.

She was just 33 when Jon Arryn had kicked the bucket and now she managed all the Vale. What’s more, she was as yet a stunner. Her searing Tully red hair in two plaits and her face now having a develop wonder that still drove men to look for her bed in the night. So imagine a scenario in which she was somewhat unusual and still suckled her child from her huge firm bosoms. Robert or sweet Robyn as some called the kid, required his quality from her drain.

She led all capable now and was subservient to nobody. .

"Goodness FUCK!! BY THE SEVEN!!"

Or then again that is the thing that she thought.

Here she was in the bolted position of authority room of the vale, her stripped shape on the honored position of the vale in the Eyrie, her tremendous bosoms going here and there and her legs spread wide separated as a Stark charlatan with an indistinguishable name from her late spouse violated her tight pussy as she shouted in joy. It was fortunate that she had sent all the royal residence gatekeepers to watch an adjacent Riverland celebration or they would have heard her.

"Fucking Tully prostitutes. You’re all the same. Simply some Riverland prostitutes who can’t get enough of rooster. By the seven, your tight!" Jon said as he kept on walloping every one of the 8 creeps of hard rooster into her delicious cunt as Lysa groaned in delight at the sentiment his expansive seed filled balls smacking against her rear end. He pulled her by her blazing meshes to him and kissed her possessively, Lysa groaning into his mouth in delight as he looked and licked each of her mouth, his seeking tongue dueling with her own particular before licking her gums and pearl white teeth.

"His an Animal. a genuine wolf." Lysa really wanted to think as they kissed. Jon broke their long tongue meeting and started grabbing her firm bosoms, his rooster not ceasing a moment as he kept on fucking her silly.

He all of a sudden ceased his fucking and slipped out of her destitute pussy, smiling as she groaned in misfortune. He took her up in his arms and conveyed her marriage style to the thundering royal position room chimney, the flares making her red hair plaits gleam in the warmth. He found a thick and long Arryn flag adjacent holding tight a shaft and scammed it before putting it on the ground a couple of feet away however straightforwardly before the blazes of the chimney and laying Lysa on it before spreading her legs wide and extending them to move behind her head.

"At any rate you Tully angle prostitutes can extend great. Must have those hips, useful for birthing beneficiaries. .simply like your sister." He said as Lysa’s eyes enlarged.

"What have you done to Cate.. OHHH FUCKKK!!!" She shouted in joy as Jon pummeled into her cunt completely immediately, proceeding with his hard fuck session and making her cum hard, showering his chicken in pussy squeeze and fixing her velvet dividers around his length.

"FUCK!! That sister of yours is similarly as tight as you, if not more tightly. All you skanks of House Tully know how to do is spread your legs for rooster and fly out beneficiaries. She’s at present sustaining my young stark pups in her womb and soon you’ll be doing likewise." Jon stated, grinning as Lysa’s eyes augmented in stun and desire. To consider appropriate and tidy Catelyn, fucking her better half’s kid and bearing his unthinkable kids.

Jon swooped down and dove further into her pussy, his cockerel now hitting the passage to her cervix. He took a firm bosom in his grasp and let his mouth wind over a ready areola, licking it wet with his tongue before sucking hard on it and drawing a constant flow of drain into his eager tummy as Lysa shouted in joy at the draining of her substantial bosoms.

He suckled on her bosoms for a moment before releasing her bosom free and kissing her, letting her taste the drain on his tongue, at the same time his chicken was developing more inflexible and hard in her cunt.

"I will breed you like a deceiver. Your body and Love are mine now. You know its reality. I am your new ruler. MY beneficiaries will acquire the vale, not that tired poop of a kid you call sweet Robyn. I will sire my posterity on your womb and like the great fish prostitute you are, your going to care and sustain them and name them leader of the vale when you bite the dust. You Tully bitches are well known for pushing out infants by the container stack. On that point, you’ve been slacking. I’ll be ensuring you’re pregnant with my kids till you can’t take any more. Those hips aren’t for show and I intend to stretch them as far as possible." He said as his rooster beat.

Lysa couldn’t trust her ears. "No, please. Try not to give me a charlatan. You may cum in my mouth. I’ll drink your seed, simply don’t. "

Jon snickered noisily as he kept on pounding her cunt. "Too terrible you red haired cunt. I’m going to cum in you hard. Something about you redhead prostitutes just influences me to need to see you become huge with my kid. At the point when your dad kicks the bucket, I’m setting off to the Riverlands and ensuring I leave a pleasant measure of Tully women growing a snow in their wombs. Be that as it may, for the time being, I’ll START! WITH! YOU! FUCK! I’M CUMMMIMG!"

Lysa’s eyes enlarged as she felt Jon’s chicken infiltrate her cervix and hit the base of her womb. He clutched his climax and whispered in her ears.

"Investigate the fire, you Tully prostitute. Investigate those blazes and see your future." He whispered before pounding his lips against hers and starting to discharge thick velvety heaps of virile cum into her prolific and unprotected womb, sticking her ready eggs with his hot heap of sperm from his full balls.

Lysa’s eyes investigated the fire, profound into the thundering blazes. She saw. she saw herself. Sitting on the position of authority of house Arryn in the Eyrie’s royal position room, where they as of now were. Her red hot Tully red hair was free from its standard meshes and fell in thick waves to her back as she rubbed her stomach gladly and affectionately, now substantial and bended with youthful. She was conveying Jon snow’s unwanted youngsters gladly in her womb.

Time passed and she saw a support in her room, three infants dozing inside gently. Two young ladies and a kid, all with red Tully hair. She cooed at them and looked as they stirred and looked at their mom joyfully, every one of them having dull eyes. .Jon’s eyes..their father’s eyes.

A year passed. She didn’t know how she knew. She simply did. She was pregnant once more. Her womb yet again bended in pregnancy. Jon snow sat on the Arryn position of royalty as she bowed between his knees and sucked at his cockerel tenderly.

Consistently went on the same and the same. Getting endless delight from Jon’s snows chicken and bearing his beneficiaries. Beneficiaries who might influence the Vale to become solid and relentless, Heirs who might develop to be incredible men and ladies of respect and magnificence, Who might take the kingdoms higher than ever!! What’s more, her, proclaimed in history perpetually as the colossal Matriarch of these men and ladies. She needed to have it!!!

She parted from the stupor of the flares and kissed Jon back energetically, her legs originating from behind her make a beeline for wrap around Jon’s midsection, pulling his cockerel in more profound as he came, ensuring his seed achieved its objective. Her hands went down to his balls, kneading them tenderly, asking them to discharge their repressed heap of prolific jizz to seed her womb.

At last the stream decreased and Jon’s cockerel slipped free of her grasping pussy as she lay on her back, groaning in delight as she utilized two fingers to spread open her cunt lips and demonstrate to him the thick heap of steaming hot

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