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The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 104: Lexi Lust and Sexxi Lexxi | SiteRip Site №1

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 104: Lexi Lust and Sexxi Lexxi

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 104: Lexi Lust and Sexxi Lexxi

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A snappy and unusual lesbian dream!

Writer’s Note 1: These short dreams began off as week after week smaller than expected stories for my perusers, yet the pamphlet was closed down in light of the fact that autoresponders don’t acknowledge grown-up content. I in this way chose to distribute these dreams for nothing for my perusers to appreciate. It is intended to engage, so kindly don’t leave derisive remarks if everything isn’t great. I am just human all things considered.

Writer’s Note 2: Although this dream can be perused freely, it was composed as a component of an arrangement. For full delight, please read "The Barbie Lez Fantasies: Week 1-103".


Have you at any point had one of those dreams? You know, the ones that vibe so genuine you start to think about whether you are really envisioning them. All things considered, I do. in light of the fact that I have them constantly! Some of the time, they transform into a story, yet generally they stay caught inside my cerebrum. That is, up to this point.

I have two closest companions. Lexi Lust and Sexxi Lexxi. For a very long time I figured out how to keep the unreasonable idea of my composition from them, yet it was not intended to last. This is the account of how they found how I spend my days composing unreasonable stories of lesbianism, savagery and inbreeding.

My companions-their names are not by any means Lexi Lust and Sexxi Lexxi, however for the reasons for this story, that is the manner by which I will allude to them-and I had known each other since adolescence. We were just about as close as three companions can be.

I comprehend what you’re envisioning-three wonderful young ladies having pad battles in their clothing-however genuine is sometimes that great. As much as I would have wanted to see my companions strip down to their bras and undies for a decent out-dated pad battle, it was not intended to be.

Throughout the years I was sufficiently fortunate to see them in only their skivvies, yet that was the extent that things at any point got. They knew I was a lesbian and, however I genuinely question they were anxious I would make out of here both of them, they were constantly cautious while undressing in my essence. That left me with just a single alternative. Fantasizing!

I have lost tally of how often I fantasized about my companions throughout the years, yet the number must be up there with envisioning myself offering a cozy minute to a studly canine. When they initially found the genuine idea of my composition, they irritated me for a considerable length of time, needing to know which of my numerous distributed dreams were about them. In any case, I never let them know. There are only a few things that are better kept mystery. This dream is the just a single they will ever have solid verification is about them.

I figured out how to keep the genuine idea of my written work disguised for more than two years. At that point, one day, Lexi and Sexxi appeared. They demanded perusing a few-any-of my distributed works, asserting they wouldn’t leave until the point when they got what they wanted.

I was alarmed. Intuitively, I avoided the circumstance in the main way I knew how; I began to fantasize. I knew my companions would sit tight for me back in reality, however I was resolved to postpone the unavoidable for whatever length of time that conceivable.

Dream Lexi and Fantasy Sexxi gazed at me with an indistinguishable hopeful articulation from their true partners. Be that as it may, not at all like my genuine companions, I knew a little focus would put a conclusion to their interest and convey grins to their lips. Beyond any doubt enough, they were soon smiling at me.

I made a stride back and turned my companions upward and down. Their garments were gone, leaving just a couple of uncovering bra and underwear sets. One was pink, the other orange. My companions looked more sweltering than any time in recent memory. The more I gazed at them, the more stirred I got. It just took a couple of moments before their charming appearance got excessively for me to deal with.

Quickly overlooking my genuine inconveniences, I surged over to my companions and truly handled them to the ground. Before they could make sense of what was going on, I had pulled them in for an enthusiastic, three-way kiss. Investigating both their mouths without a moment’s delay demonstrated more troublesome than I at first got to, however I declined to surrender, substituting between my two companions until the point when I knew each niche and crevice by heart.

I’m not exactly beyond any doubt how it happened, but rather when our lips at long last separated, both my companions were exposed. My garments had likewise vanished, leaving the three of us completely naked and prepared for what I had no uncertainty would be an extremely pleasant couple of minutes.

When I mixed to my feet, something unique had changed. Lexi and Sexxi were as yet bare, just now two monstrous strapons were appended to their bodies. I looked at the silicone shafts as they gradually neared my body. I was urgent to feel them inside me, however I knew the sooner this dream finished, the sooner I would need to confront this present reality and that was the exact opposite thing I needed. Doing the main thing I could consider, I dropped to my knees and got the strapons when they were inside range.

My companions played along, giving me a chance to suck on their "roosters". Truth be told, they accomplished something beyond permit it; they egged me on.

"Suck it!" instructed one of them as I sucked her strapon.

"More profound!" requested alternate as I changed to her toy.

This continued for some time. I knew it was a silly move, yet I was frantic to keep the dream going for whatever length of time that conceivable. In any case, each time one of those extensive plastic individuals slid past my lips, somewhat more excitement was attracted to my body. As much as I attempted to keep it under control, it in the end persuaded me the time had come to heighten things.

"Fuck me," I at long last asked, minutes after I had pulled far from my companions’ poles for the last time.

Lexi and Sexxi looked down at me with enthusiastic smiles. I could recognize the desire clearly and in a split second knew they needed me similarly as awful as I needed them. Thank god for the energy of imagination.

They didn’t give personal time to prepare. They surged over to me and handled me to the ground. I encountered a snapshot of history repeating itself before I was constrained onto my hands and knees. I scarcely had room schedule-wise to make sense of Lexi lay underneath me before she pulled my in for an enthusiastic kiss. When our lips separated, her strapon was full somewhere inside my pussy. Sexxi had exploited my occupied state to slide her own "cockerel" into my rear end. She now shook forward and backward, gradually sliding the toy all through me rectum while my other companion did likewise to my pussy.

It was excessively for me to deal with. I began to groan as a climax started developing inside me. I don’t know to what extent it took, but rather it in the end achieved the final turning point. By at that point, my companions were viciously beating me, influencing me to groan as loud as possible as I squirmed and trembled.

At that point I peaked and significant trouble become unavoidable. I started flailing wildly as abrasive cries shot past my lips. Minutes after the fact, squirt after squirt of cum shot past my lower lips, sending the hot orgasmilk flying through the air. I can’t affirm this in light of the fact that my eyes were shut, however I am persuaded the hot nectar flew high into the air before drizzling downward on us.

It was a standout amongst the most serious climaxes of my life. Maybe it was on the grounds that I was frantic to prop it up as long as humanly conceivable. Maybe it had a remark with the two gigantic strapons shooting all through me. Or then again maybe it was essentially in light of the fact that I adored my companions truly and this extreme beating influenced me to feel nearer to them than any time in recent memory-regardless of whether it was just a dream.

It was a delighted affair, yet it in the long run arrived at an end when one of my companions-not the dream adaptation, but rather the genuine, fragile living creature and-blood rendition-talked. It took a moment before I made sense of what she had quite recently said. My cheeks turned red when I at last acknowledged she had inquired as to whether I was having one of my dreams-they thought about my overwhelming fantasies, however they presently couldn’t seem to learn they were the stars of many. It took a while, yet I in the end picked a honest answer. I gestured.

"Enough fantasizing," said Lexi.

Sexxi gestured in understanding.

"It’s the ideal opportunity for reality."

I murmured. I could have thought of a moderately conceivable reason for not giving them a chance to peruse my unusual stories, but rather I was burnt out on every one of the falsehoods. It was time I disclosed to them reality. Every bit of relevant information. Whatever I could do was trust they comprehended why I had misled them for as long as two years.

I took a full breath, at that point said three straightforward words.

"I compose erotica."

It took a couple of moments before they responded. When they at long last did, their lips twisted into grins. Help washed over me. At that time, I understood everything would be okay. Lexi and Sexxi were my two closest companions and nothing could ever influence them to think any less of me. I was a little astounded when they acknowledged the unreasonable idea of my stories, yet the greatest amazement came as their want to take in the exchange. I was staggered, however energetically consented to show them all I thought about independently publishing.

Our business association is still very new and I have no clue where it will lead us. All I know without a doubt is that imparting our unusual stories to each other-and the world-has united us than any time in recent memory. We are presently more than three companions. More than three creators. We are Triple Erotica.


Much obliged for perusing and I trust you appreciated. Another dream will be distributed every week, so make a point to return from time to time.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez

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